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Calf health applications ‘now being assessed’
Defra says it is assessing applications for its Calf Housing for Health and Welfare grant. The grant – which funds calf housing buildings to improve health and welfare – closed at the end of November. In an update, Defra officials said applications from farmers were now being assessed. Grants... Read more
Monitoring support to aid herd health planning
A bespoke training service aims to help dairy farmers and their vets improve herd health and reproduction planning by better monitoring. The new MSD Animal Health Insights service will provide practical information training – delivered by an veterinary advisor – based on the needs of individual dairy herds, farmers... Read more
Guidance highlights need for clean feed storage
New guidance to reduce the risk of animal disease from stored livestock feed has been published by Defra. The guidance emphasises the pivotal role of regular and thorough cleaning in maintaining livestock health and productivity. It also stresses the significance of cleansing feed storage areas, containers and equipment. Defra... Read more
Enzyme shows potential for reduction in feed costs
Including a feed enzyme in pig diets  has good potential for substantial reductions in costs while maintaining pig performance, suggests a trial. The research spanning from January to July 2023, independently led by Harper Adams University, revealed how the enzyme is capable of consistently supporting pig performance in both... Read more
Vaccine for swine dysentery is ‘within reach’ – scientists
Researchers say they are a step closer to a vaccine for swine dysentery – the devastating bacterial disease which causes severe losses and piglet mortality. Swine dysentery causes damage to the enteric system of pigs, resulting in severe diarrhoea and weight loss. Although not a notifiable disease, producers are... Read more
Targeted TMR blend lifts productivity and reduces labour
Switching to a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) has delivered significant benefits for flock health and efficiency. Scottish sheep producer Jack Shaw is gradually increasing his sheep flock from 200 to 800 ewes over a five-year period. He has also moved from a hill-based system to low-ground grazing at Lochfer... Read more
Optimise flock performance ahead of spring lambing
Good ewe nutrition is helping to boost colostrum quality, milk production and flock health ahead of lambing. Feed blocks containing essential trace elements, vitamins, and minerals are also bolstering youngstock development and immunity while promote the vitality and vigour of newborn lambs and ewes. “Supplementation is especially important in... Read more
Farmers warned over ‘later than normal’ liver fluke
Unusual weather patterns are having a big impact on the risk of liver fluke across the UK, say livestock experts. The level and timing of the disease risk is becoming later with the first losses last year no reported until late November, according to the Sustainable Control of Parasites... Read more