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More farmers measure soil organic content
Almost one in five farmers now test their soil for organic matter content – with more growers recognising the importance of carbon sequestration. Nearly 90% of farmers undertake some form of soil assessment, with 78% of those using three or more methods and 6% using six or more methods,... Read more
How monitoring soil carbon content can boost productivity
Measuring soil carbon content is providing growers with valuable insights for farm management – while helping to generate income from the government’s Sustainable Farming Incentive. “There’s so much evidence of a direct and linear relationship between soil organic matter and soil function that carbon content is rapidly becoming one... Read more
Tough decisions lie ahead for flood-hit crops
Growers are advised to assess soil conditions before deciding whether waterlogged crops are still viable – or fields should be left to recover for next season. Tough questions may need to be asked when it comes to choosing between managing struggling crops already in the ground, redrilling fields altogether... Read more
Soil study reveals benefits of regenerative agriculture
Soil with minimal cultivation holds more nutrients and water than fields which have been ploughed – benefiting crops and ultimately farm profitabilty, suggests a study. The study conducted by researchers at University of Leeds Farm compares soil health, crop production, greenhouse gas emissions, and profit of different farming systems... Read more
Sell-out Groundswell event is resounding success

More than 6,500 visitors flocked to this summer’s Groundswell show – the eighth annual regenerative agriculture event and festival in Hertfordshire.

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How soil analysis can improve productivity and reduce costs

Growers looking to get more out of their soils and improve productivity should start with a field-by-field nutrient analysis, say experts

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Direct drilling can boost profits and soil health

Better for light and heavy soils

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Revamped SFI scheme aims to improve soil health

Farmers will find it easier to secure funding from Defra’s revised Sustainable Farming Incentive – but three soil standard options have been dropped.

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Grass breeding programme improves yields and soil health

One of the UK ’s most prolific grass-breeding programmes has set its sights on developing new varieties for the 2040s and beyond.

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Be wary of paying twice over for SFI applications

Farmers joining Defra’s Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) scheme are being advised to avoid unnecessary costs during the application process.

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