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Breakthrough offers hope against sugar beet virus
A scientific breakthrough could provide UK farmers with environmentally friendly protection against a key sugar beet disease. Researchers at the Norwich-based John Innes Centre have developed a non-chemical molecular approach to protect crops against virus yellows – a disease which can reduce sugar beet yields by as much as... Read more
New technical sales manager for popular liming product
British Sugar has recruited Emily Whitmarsh as technical sales manager for LimeX – the most widely used liming product by UK farmers. A byproduct of the sugar-refining process, LimeX is popular with farmers for its fine particle size and the presence of additional plant nutrients. One tonne of LimeX... Read more
How to master sugar beet disease control
Ways to master disease control in sugar beet will be top of the agenda at a special industry webinar this month. Hosted by BASF in collaboration with British Sugar and the British Beet Research Association, the webinar will feature a presentation and topical advice by independent agronomist Craig Green.... Read more
New sugar beet varieties on offer
Two new sugar beet varieties from Strube will be available for drilling in spring 2025, says the plant breeder. ST Trent and ST Tweed offer competitive performance with low bolting. ST Tweed in particular offers comparable yields to Morgan – with lower disease expression for rust, powdery mildew and... Read more
Emergency authorisation granted for aphid control
Sugar beet growers have been granted emergency authorisation to apply a second foliar spray of InSyst (acetamiprid) to control peach-potato aphid. The emergency authorisation follows a joint request by British Sugar and NFU Sugar, which represents some 2,500 beet growers. It was granted on 9 May by the Chemicals... Read more
‘Seek advice when ordering tolerant sugar beet varieties’
Growers are being advised to discuss their requirements with plant breeders before ordering sugar beet seed tolerant to challenges faced by the crop. Six new sugar beet varieties have been added to the British Beet Research Organisation recommended list for drilling in 2025. They include varieties tolerant to Beet... Read more
Data is key to maintain sugar beet profitability

Local trials bring benefits when
it comes to sugar beet, says
Ian Munnery

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Two new varieties added to 2024 sugar beet list

Sugar beet growers have two new varieties to choose from following publication of the recommended list for 2024.

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Coming to a field near you: Robot-planted sugar beet

Robots are set to plant and weed sugar beet as farm management company Sentry seeks to improve productivity and reduce its environmental footprint.

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Delayed drilling compresses spring spray programmes

Growers are being urged to remain vigilant and continue adapting sugar beet spray programmes where necessary after the soggy spring delayed drilling.

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