Saturday, August 24, 2019

Features List

Our 2018 features list is shown below. For details and to advertise alongside features, please contact Chloe Francis on 01502 725844 or email

JANUARY (copy deadline 13 December)
Spring Crop Management
Muck & Slurry
Norfolk Farming Conference Preview

FEBRUARY (copy deadline 17 January)
Cereal Varieties
Crop Storage & Management
Peas & Beans

MARCH (copy deadline 14 February)
Technology & Precision Farming
Grass & Forage

APRIL (copy deadline 14 March)
Pig & Poultry Fair Preview

MAY (copy deadline 18 April)
Cereals Event Preview
Farm Energy
Essex Young Farmers Show Preview

JUNE (copy deadline 16 May)
Harvest Preview
Sugar Beet

JULY (copy deadline 13 June)
Professional Services
Oilseed Rape Varieties
Career Development

AUGUST (copy deadline 11 July)
Soil Special
Animal Health
UK Dairy Day

SEPTEMBER (copy deadline 15 August)
Crop Establishment
Farm Forestry & Woodland

OCTOBER (copy deadline 12 September)
Post-harvest Technology
Farm Energy
Winter Feed

NOVEMBER (copy deadline 17 October)
Technology & Precision Farming
CropTec Preview
Midlands Machinery Show

DECEMBER (copy deadline 14 November)
LAMMA Show Preview
Professional Services