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New potato herbicide to help replace linuron

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new herbicide to tackle a range of weeds is available for use on potato crops this year.

Manufactured by Bayer, Emerger (aclonifen) aims to help growers grappling with the loss of linuron. It is effective against nettles, polygonums, fat hen, orache and brassica weeds – including charlock, runch, volunteer rape and shepherd’s purse, says the company.

Potato herbicide programmes are changing following the loss of linuron and Emerger will help to replace it., says Bayer root crop campaign manager Edward Hagues. “Emerger is a consistent performer against a wide range of weeds and will become a key herbicide.”

Containing 600 grammes per litre of aclonifen in a suspension concentrate, Emerger is authorised for one pre-emergence application at a maximum individual dose of 1.75 litres/ha.

A flexible product, it can be used effectively in combination with other potato herbicides. A mix of 2 kg/ha Artist (flufenacet + metribuzin) with 1.75 litres/ha Emerger will be a robust programme for pre-emergence weed control, says Mr Hagues.

“The active substance is absorbed strongly onto soil particles and has very low water solubility making it virtually immobile in soil and therefore very low risk to groundwater. Residual activity is usually two to three months.

Uptake is by shoots not roots. As the weed emerges, its hypocotyl (broad-leaved weeds) or coleoptile (grasses) picks up the herbicide as it grows. This means it needs to be applied uniformly to an even, friable seedbed to form a consistent film.

Vegetable growers will also benefit from the introduction of Emerger. Authorisation has been granted in carrots and parsnips that bring. Further authorisations in onions, garlic, shallots, some herb crops and sunflower are anticipated imminently, says Bayer.