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New Recommended Lists boast exceptional disease resistance

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New varieties on the latest Recommended Lists for cereals and oilseeds boast remarkable untreated yields – with 24 varieties added and 23 removed.

Winter wheat, winter barley and winter oilseed rape varieties with exceptional disease resistance packages all feature on the recommended lists for 2019/20, says the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. Booklets detailing the lists will be distributed this spring.

Several new entrants have impressive disease resistance scores – including the highest winter wheat disease resistance rating for septoria tritici. With untreated gross output figures for oilseed rape included for the first time, they provide a solid foundation for disease management.

Winter wheat

Winter wheat Group 2 sees the addition of KWS Extase, with its exceptional untreated grain yield of 95% (compared with the treated control varieties). A septoria tritici rating of 8.1 forms part of its impressive disease resistance package.

The variety also has excellent resistance to yellow rust (9), solid resistance to brown rust (7),  a hagberg falling number of 307s and specific weight of 78.6kg/hl. Also added to Group 2 is LG Detroit – claimed to be resistant to orange wheat blossom midge.

Group 3 has also seen strong new contenders, with the addition of KWS Firefly and its good levels of resistance to septoria tritici (7), yellow rust (9) and brown rust (8). Two new soft feed varieties – LG Skyscraper and LG Spotlight – have also been added.

These are the highest yielders in their group. LG Skyscraper the highest yielding on the list, and provide potential opportunities for grain distilling. In addition, LG Spotlight has one of the highest fusarium ear blight ratings on the RL.

Winter barley

Four two-row feed varieties have been added to the list for winter barley. KWS Gimlet, LG Mountain and LG Flynn are the highest yielders of this group, at 104%. Valerie also has a strong treated yield (102%) and good untreated yield (87%).

Exceptional resistance to brown rust (9) is part of Valerie’s strong disease resistance package. The variety also has good quality (specific weight 70.2 kg/hl), stiff straw and early maturity.

Two new six-row hybrid winter feed varieties, SY Baracooda and SY Kingsbarn, have been recommended. Both have good yields and specific weights.

SY Baracooda also has the greatest untreated yield (91%) out of all the recommended winter barley varieties on the RL. Once again, untreated performance can be attributed to a strong disease resistance package that, notably, includes the strongest mildew resistance on the list (8).

A new spring barley variety, Cosmopolitan, which is under test for brewing, has also been added to the list.