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Pole positions across AHDB List for Limagrain seed varieties

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Breeders and arable experts will answer questions about Limagrain’s wheat, oilseed rape and barley varieties – offering visitors a prize draw to win 20ha of seed.

Limagrain’s soft wheat LG Skyscraper takes prime position as the highest yielding wheat on the 2019/20 AHDB Recommended List, with LG Spotlight sitting just behind. Meanwhile, oilseed rape Aspire sits at the top of the UK recommendations, based on its high gross output.

Winter barley varieties LG Flynn and LG Mountain share the top position in the two-row section. And six-row winter barley Rafaela offers the genetic traits of both Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV) and Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus tolerance (BaYMV).

“We are delighted that our focus on bringing high yielding varieties with additional traits, attractive to UK growers and end-use markets across the cropping sector, has come to fruition,” says Ron Granger, Limagrain’s arable technical manager.

Wheat varieties

Winter wheat LG Skyscraper tops the wheat table with a yield of 106% – some 2% higher than competing hard wheats. Rated positive for distilling, it offers a large grain, combined with a good
Hagberg falling number of 221 and a high specific weight of 77.2kg/hl.

Skyscraper has a range of additional traits attractive to all wheat growers, says Mr Granger.

These include a good disease resistance profile, early maturity and Orange Wheat Blossom Midge (OWBM) resistance. The variety’s good tillering and quicker growth in the spring, combined with its taller and larger biomass, can be beneficial in a blackgrass situation.

LG Spotlight is a high yielding soft feed wheat (104%), with exceptional grain quality. It has a Hagberg falling number approaching 300 – the highest of any soft wheat on the recommended list – with a specific weight of 78.3kg/hl, offering sprouting resistance and suitability for distilling.

Spotlight stands well and is OWBM resistant, adds Mr Granger.

Oilseed rape

With a UK gross output of 104, Aspire sits at the top of the AHDB oilseed rape Recommended List for 2019/20. This conventional winter variety takes is the variety with the highest gross output for the east, west and northern regions, based on its high seed yield and high oil content of 45.8%.

Aspire also offers Turnip Yellows Virus (TuYV) resistance – the first time a UK Recommended variety has offered both high yields and TuYV resistance.

Disease resistance ratings of 7 for light leaf spot, 6 for phoma and good tolerance of   Verticillium wilt should make Aspire a first choice variety for early drilling.

Barley varieties

LG Mountain is one of the highest yielding two-row feed barley varieties available, at 104%, with a good all-round resistance profile combined with early maturity and BaYMV resistance.

This barley represents a significant step forward in yield for two-row barley varieties, says senior breeder Mark Glew. “We are really pleased with the consistency of yield over seasons and regions, and in treated and untreated trials – particularly in the east (105%) and north (105%).”

LG Mountain has good grain quality attributes, with a good specific weight at 68.9kg/hl – similar to KWS Glacier. It is early to mature, which is valuable for growers looking to get an earlier harvest for winter rape establishment.

LG Flynn’s UK fungicide treated performance is 104%, against 103% for KWS Orwell, and is 6% over KWS Cassia’s 98%. The variety offers good straw strength, with a strong disease resistance package – including a 6 against Rhynchosporium and a 6 for Net Blotch.

Mr Glew says: “The standout attribute of LG Flynn is its high specific weight; at 69.8kg/hl, it has one of the highest specific weights available, similar to KWS Cassia, with low screening scores.”

New BYDV tolerant Rafaela, is a six-row conventional winter barley which also offers BaYMV tolerance. The variety has very early spring development, a large plant canopy, tall straw and competes extremely well in the fight against blackgrass.