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Quality bread-making wheat promises guaranteed market

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Farmers have the opportunity to grow a top quality bread-making wheat with a guaranteed Group 1 contract now available through Glencore UK.

Variety MV Fredericia is said to have very good grain quality with reliable protein contents. It is suitable for late drilling, has early maturity and boasts good foliar and ear disease resistance – offering wheat growers an attractive package this autumn.

Meeting domestic high protein wheat requirements will also offer growers some protection from Brexit-related uncertainty. It provides an alternative to growing feed wheat for export, as well as helping to reduce the carbon footprint of UK food production.

Protein and quality

Wheat breeder Bill Angus said: “MV Fredericia’s grain quality has good protein content and quality, extremely high specific weights, HFN comfortably above 350 and resulting in good dough characteristics, meaning MV Fredericia has attracted interest for wholemeal flour.

“Late-drill suitability makes it a good choice after potatoes and sugar beet, or in high grass weed situations, as the fast speed of growth gives it a very good competitive edge, and its early maturity makes it an ideal entry crop for OSR. This was confirmed in Agrii blackgrass trials.”

The variety has good foliar disease resistance as well as a good level of resistance to fusarium, says Mr Angus. Growers should note it requires a robust plant growth regulator programme – especially in more fertile situations.

Mr Angus says it is good to more growers using wheat genetics strategically in their variety choice. “For too long, they have been encouraged to scan the Recommended List and pick off the variety on the ‘far left’ – the highest yielding variety in that particular Nabim group.”

Drilling date

Late sowing is undesirable, he adds, but for many growers it has become a necessity – particularly those with blackgrass problems. With a buyback contract in place there is now the opportunity to get that all-important early harvest as well as picking up a quality premium.

Whitworth Bros millers have done three years of trials with MV Fredericia. Purchasing director Raich Growdridge says: “It shows all the characteristics of a good Nabim Group 1 wheat, and we will be using it in our mills going forward as it becomes more widely grown.”

Growers interested in an MV Fredericia buyback agreement for harvest 2021 should access the MV Fredericia agronomy programme through Agrii or Glencore. More details and a fact sheet are available at