Thursday, August 22, 2019

Solar gate system now suits wider entrances

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Solar Gate Systems has expanded its range of automatic farm gate openers with the development of a much more powerful unit, for single gates up to a maximum width of 7m.

“Advanced, solid state electronics combined with brushless motor technology has enabled us to push the power up from our standard 24-volt gate opener, up to 36-volts,” explains Mike Yeats, managing director of the solar-powered gate specialists. “A more powerful system means we can now handle much wider, single gates.”

The firm’s existing 24-volt unit can be used to handle gates up to 5m. But the more powerful 36-volt unit can operate a single, heavy duty gate up to 7m (16-23ft) wide, says Mr Yeats. A large single gate is also easier to manage than two smaller gates.

Remote locations

“This opens up more possibilities for land owners who want to improve on-farm access and security, but were unable to find a suitable solution for wider entrances, in remote locations, where mains power is unavailable – and now we can meet that need.

“A single gate does not need to meet with a central stop, so it can be secured more effectively.  Because our gate closer uses an encoder, we can slow the gate down as it shuts to prevent it from thumping the post.”

A charge controller manages electrical energy collected by the solar panel – and then regulates energy storage within the battery packs. It will also dump excess energy to prevent the packs from over-charging.