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Growers have wide choice of varieties for oilseed rape
Five winter oilseed rape varieties from LS Plant Breeding (LSPB) promise growers a wide choice of yield, agronomic characters and marketing outlets. Based on seed yield, Turing is the highest yielding variety on the Recommended List for 2024/5, says the company, being just one percentage point off the highest... Read more
Two milestone varieties on wheat and barley lists
Two milestone winter cereal varieties from breeder Syngenta have been added to the AHDB Recommended Lists for 2024-25 – one winter wheat and one winter barley. Winter wheat SY Cheer is a potential bread-making variety rated as a provisional Group 1 by UK Flour Millers (UKFM). It is also... Read more
High yielding wheat and barley varieties offer good quality too
Winter wheat LG Beowulf and winter barley LG Caravelle are the highest yielding varieties to join the 2024/25 AHDB Recommended List. Both by plant breeder Limagrain, they join LG Armada which is the highest yielding oilseed rape variety on the UK Recommended List. In addition, high yielding maize variety... Read more
Newly recommended varieties for cereal and oilseed growers
Wheat The first provisional UKFM Group 1 winter wheat variety since 2017 makes its appearance on the 2024/25 Recommended List – courtesy of seed breeder Syngenta. SY Cheer has relatively high untreated yield and good resistance to rusts standout features, says the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board. Baking quality... Read more
Best varieties are highlighted on easier-to-navigate lists
Fewer new cereal and oilseed varieties appear on the latest Recommended List – but a number of improvements make it easer to decide which are most suitable for different situations and markets. The 2024/25 list is shorter for most major crops. But it features several eye-catching additions, including the... Read more