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Weighbridge software customised to farmers’ needs

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Farmers and weighbridge operators can configure operation, data collection and reporting information exactly as required thanks to the latest software from Griffith Elder.

The Weighbus Weighbridge Software range is focused on bringing together the experiences gained from customers. The software can be customised and has connectivity via mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Weighbridge ticket types can be created that cover different aspects of the business operations. Configuration is made to collect only the exact data that is needed for that part of the business.

It is also possible for more than one business to operate over the same weighbridge each printing their own ticket. Data requirements can be set to ensure the weighing operation cannot be completed without recording data demanded by management.

The weighing process and data capture can be carried out manually or unmanned using the driver, remote FOB button system. In farming, the system allows field, crop, store and user defined data to be saved automatically and instantly at the time of weighing.

Tablets or mobile phones can be used to operate the weighbridge software as if the operator was in the weighbridge office.

Tractor drivers can save their weight while positioned on the weighbridge via their phone, says Richard Newman, of Griffith Elder. It is possible to select any of the data to be saved with the weighing – including field name or number, crop, variety and store.

Additional hardware options are available. Camera add-ons capture images of the vehicle on the weighbridge and are saved with every weight record. All operations can be controlled via user logins with permissions defined by the management.

The same flexibility of setup carries through to reporting. User configured reports are configured to create CSV files only including the data needed. This enables multiple reports to be run as and when required.