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Machinery giant Claas has launched its new range of Trion combine harvesters – with 20 models including conventional straw walker machines, single and twin... Claas unveils Trion range of combines

Machinery giant Claas has launched its new range of Trion combine harvesters – with 20 models including conventional straw walker machines, single and twin rotor hybrids.

The launch completes the final stage in replacing the entire Claas combine range, which started with the introduction of the new generation Lexion 8000/7000 in 2019. It includes the availability of Terra Trac and Montana hillside versions.

Claas says the new range has versions suitable for all types of farm – from simple machines for small mixed units to more technically advanced combine capable of maximising output on large arable units.

At its heart, the new Trion relies on well-proven five- and six-row straw-walkers and hybrid threshing technology. But it also incorporates many features that Claas says sset new performance standards on combines of this size.

Key features

New British-built Cummins engines that provide optimum power are among the key features. Others include a large separation area for high-capacity threshing, tank capacities that set a new standard for this size of combine and an extensive range of chopping options.

The base Trion range comprises of two 500-range five-straw walker models, three 600 range six-straw walker models and three 700-range hybrid models, of which two have a single rotor and one has twin rotors. 

Common to all models is the well-proven APS primary threshing system designed to thresh out up to 90% of grains, leaving just the harder to thresh grains for the secondary separation system.

For greater throughput capacity, Trion 500 and 700 range machines are fitted with a 1,420mm wide threshing system, increasing to 1,700mm for Trion 600 models. These are wider than on previous Tucano models, which were either 1,320mm or 1,580mm wide.

The APS system comprises of a 450mm diameter accelerator and a 600mm diameter closed threshing drum – some 33% larger than the Tucano threshing drum. This means the concave area is up to 30% greater, depending on the model.

To keep maintenance downtime to a minimum, a completely redesigned and less complex drive system for the Trion means that there are now six fewer belts on hybrid models and three less on straw walker machines compared to the previous Tucano range.

As on the new Lexion, the drive system for the Trion is on system used in the Jaguar self-propelled forage harvester. This ensures a more positive, smooth engagement of the threshing and auger systems.

Secondary separation

All 5- and 6-straw walker Trion 500 and 600 models come as standard with the well proven Claas Multifinger Separation System (MSS) which evenly fluffs the straw for greater separation efficiency, especially in difficult conditions.

The straw walkers use an open walker design and are 4.4m long with four steps. Again, the total separation area for the Trion is considerably larger than the Tucano – and the largest of any combine of this size on the market.

The 600/500 models have the option of 3D sieves with 4D sieves also available on Trion 700 models. Other options also include auto-slope fan speed adjustment, cruise pilot, auto crop flow and Cemos Dialog or Cemos Automatic.

All Trion models come with dynamic power as standard. This cuts fuel costs by about 10% by reducing engine power output when not under load when, for example, not running the chopper or unloading.