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Drill offers variable row spacing One drill, many crops

Maschio Gaspardo has launched a new version of its high-speed Chrono precision drill – with a key option to woo growers and contractors.

The 500-series Chrono can be set up to run with variable row spacings and is equipped with either 8 or 12 planting units, making it suitable for sowing a range of crops with 45cm, 50cm, 70cm or 75cm row spacings.

This versatility makes it possible for the operator to switch from drilling sugar beet in the morning to maize in the afternoon, the conversion taking less than two hours.

Whether customers opt for the fixed row variant or the variable spacing option, the 500-series shares all the common features with the other high-speed precision planters in the Chrono range.

Fast and precise

“The Chrono was specifically developed for fast-paced precision drilling with unrivalled seed placement no matter what shape, size or seed type,” explains Maschio UK field sales manager Dominic Burt.

“Adding a version to the range that can swap between 50cm and 75cm row spacings in under two hours puts the Chrono further ahead of the competition and provides the customer with a much more versatile machine capable of drilling multiple crop types.”

While conventional precision drills might run at 7-8kph, the Chrono has the potential to at least double these work-rates, at the same time improving the accuracy of seed spacing and depth placement.

This level of precision is all down to the design of the metering unit. Using a combination of traditional vacuum singulation and then pressure delivery down the coulter tube, the moment the seed leaves the metering disc it is kept under control.

A venturi ensures seed ends up in the soil without bouncing. The 15-degree angle of each metering unit means drops off the disc and straight down the coulter tube without touching the sides. This means seed spacing is consistently uniform.

Prices start from £76,535 for a standard fixed width 8-row Chrono 508, while variable row spacing and four additional planter units adds £8,950.