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Stay vigilant for bird flu, producers warned
Poultry producers are being warned to remain vigilant following the lifting of heightened biosecurity measures imposed last winter due to avian flu. Mandatory enhanced biosecurity requirements – imposed across Great Britain in November 2020 to protect flocks from the disease – were lifted on 15 May after the risk... Read more
Fly-tipping: Farmers bear the brunt of epidemic

Farmers are the group body affected by the legal dumping of large amounts of rubbish, according to new figures from the Environment Agency.

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Woodland creation grants now available

Eastern region farmers and landowners are being encouraged to apply for a grant to create woodland on their land.

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Study identifies genomic pathway to heavier eggs

Norfolk pig producers Michael and Ian Baker are prioritising herd health and welfare as they strive to ensure their business remains viable for the future.

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Plans to tackle dog attacks on livestock ‘could go further’

Police plans to seize dogs which attack livestock should go further, say livestock leaders.

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New oilseed rape variety rewrites Clearfield rules

A new Clearfield oilseed rape is the first ever variety to layer four complex traits together without compressing yield, claims breeder DSV.

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Why hybrid rye has increasing role for Sentry farming

Responsible for Sentry-managed farms throughout East Anglia and south-east England, John Barrett says hybrid rye suits much of the company’s land and rotations.

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Drainage plan boosts yields and reduces blackgrass

An Essex farm manager says he has successfully increased yields, reduced inputs and tackled blackgrass after implementing a strict drainage plan.

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Hybrid barley could strike chord on heavy land

A new hybrid winter feed barley – which mixes high yields with good grain quality – could hold particular appeal for growers on heavier land, says its breeder.

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Cereal diseases surge as warmer weather hits

Agronomists are reporting a late-season disease surge in cereal crops after warmer weather after another wet May.

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