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Controlling crop ventilation fans can be as simple as flipping a switch. Mastering Grain Temperature: The Automated Fan Control Advantage

Controlling crop ventilation fans can be as simple as flipping a switch. However, for those who are serious about driving down their grain temperatures quickly and efficiently, this seemingly simple action requires careful consideration, as mistiming it could spell disaster for the crop.

Crop Storage Specialists Martin Lishman Ltd believe that introducing an automatic fan controller to crop store cooling systems is one of the best storage practices to efficiently control grain temperatures.

“Running cooling fans 24 hours a day is a very inefficient way to cool grain”, explains Joel Capper, Managing Director for Martin Lishman Ltd. “Not only will it use a lot of energy, but it will also have very little effect when the ambient air temperature is not sufficient to effectively cool. It could even increase the grain temperature!”

Martin Lishman’s range of automatic fan controllers constantly monitor the crop temperature and turn cooling fans on and off based on ambient air conditions. This ensures faster cooling and can also save at least 40% of energy costs. Automatic control means reduced trips to the store to manually operate fans, or simply avoiding forgetting to do so.

Taking automation to the next level, Martin Lishman’s award-winning Barn Owl Wireless offers a modular system composed of wireless crop temperature sensors and fan controllers. This system gives store managers the ability to monitor and control crop stores from anywhere in the world through an online web portal. By accessing the Barn Owl Wireless webpage on any internet-enabled device, store managers can review temperature, humidity, and even CO2 readings for all their stores.

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