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Top maize variety selection for 2024 growing season
Twelve new forage maize varieties have been added to the British Society of Plant Breeder’s descriptive lists for 2024. The lists describe the performance of different maize varieties across a range of locations. Sites are classified according to different factors – including length of growing season and spring soil... Read more
Essex farm contractor upgrades to new baler
An Essex farmer and contractor has just completed his first full season with an upgraded round baler to meet increased demand from customers. Trading as J Byford Agricultural Contracting, Jack Byford started offering his contract baling service in 2020 from his based near Clacton. He has built up a... Read more
How best to protect stores from rodents
A sharp rise in autumn rodent numbers is prompting reminders to protect grain stores as falling temperatures see rats seek solace on farms.  “Farmers should take an integrated pest management approach and use a variety of baits to combat resistant rats and prevent infestations that can result in grain... Read more
Photo ID rule to buy fertiliser this autumn
A change in the law means farmers must now provide photo identification before they purchase ammonium nitrate fertiliser this autumn. The law change  came into effect on 1 October.  It affects sales of AN fertilisers with a nitrogen content of 16% or more and represents a widening of the Control... Read more
Defra faces criticism for SFI rollout
The pledge follows NFU criticism that the government is forging ahead with the phase-out of the Basic Payment Scheme without giving farmers the opportunity to recoup at least some of the lost income because the SFI still isn’t fully up and running. NFU president Minette Batters says the loss... Read more