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Bio-stimulant range boosts rape establishment

Trials suggest oilseed rape crops benefit from improved root growth and greening following applications of natural amino-acid complex bio-stimulants.

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New oilseed rape variety rewrites Clearfield rules

A new Clearfield oilseed rape is the first ever variety to layer four complex traits together without compressing yield, claims breeder DSV.

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Make the most of early drilling

A new 20-page guide aims to help rape growers make the most of early August drilling.

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High prices fuel renewed interest in oilseed rape
Growers are being advised to think carefully about getting the best from oilseed rape as more farmers return to the crop this summer. High oilseed rape prices over recent months have fuelled expectations that more rape will go into the ground this autumn. But agronomy firm Hutchinsons says growers... Read more
One third of crops at risk from rape virus
Growers should select rape varieties carefully after a survey confirmed that one third of susceptible UK crops are infected with Turnips Yellows Virus (TuYV). Transmitted by aphids, TuYV can result in a 30% yield penalty where high levels of infection occur early in the crop’s life. It is believed... Read more
‘Double trouble’ from flea beetle on oilseed rape

Oilseed rape growers aiming to combat cabbage stem flea beetle should take action to ensure they don’t worsen the problem.

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Oilseed rape developments ‘hold promise for the future’

Dedicated breeding work is helping to ensure a pipeline of oilseed rape varieties continues to set new standards – despite the challenge of cabbage stem flea beetle.

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