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Machinery distributor Opico will launch a new version of the He-Va Combi-Disc at the Cereals event this month.

Machinery distributor Opico will launch a new version of the He-Va Combi-Disc at the Cereals event this month.

The two-day show takes place on 13-14 June on the Thoresby Estate,  Nottinghamshire.

The ‘Stealth’ variant of the combination cultivator gains ultra-low disturbance legs and a choice of points depending on the level of sub-surface action required. It is available in working widths from 2.45m to 5.25m in mounted and trailed formats.

The Combi-Disc employs two leading rows of soil-loosening legs followed by two rows of serrated Sabre discs to provide a surface chopping and mixing effect. This is all followed by a V-profile roller to produce a corrugated, weather-proof finish.

It is this combination of soil-engaging elements that Opico says makes the Combi-Disc such an adaptable tool. In normal circumstances tines, discs and press are used in partnership to turn uncultivated ground into a seedbed in one pass.


When conditions require, the discs can be lifted out of work, enabling the unit to be used as a subsoil loosener/pan-buster. Likewise, with the legs lifted out of contention, the machine can work as a straightforward shallow disc cultivator.

The Combi-Disc is billed as a true low disturbance subsoiler with the added ability of provideingsome surface tilth creation at the same time.

Opico product manager Glenn Bootman believes the Combi-Disc is one of the most adaptable tillage tools on the market. The basic principle is medium-depth, low disturbance soil loosening combined with shallow surface cultivation.

“With the increased focus on regenerative practices, we’re seeing a need for cultivation kit that can reduce soil disturbance but still deal with compacted layers in the soil profile to ensure decent drainage and rooting to maximise crop potential.”

The 15mm wide Stealth low disturbance leg and low disturbance point are the product of many years of development. They allow deep soil loosening while minimising surface disturbance and preventing mixing of the soil profile.

While many growers are moving towards reduced tillage systems, Mr Bootman says they appreciate that drainage is key to crop development – allowing timely field operations and preventing the relentless progress of grass weeds such as blackgrass.

The narrower legs are made from ultra-strong Hardox steel and can be interchanged with standard 25mm subsoiler legs as necessary. But it is the point that makes the difference.

The Stealth standard 120mm low disturbance point has a shallower wing angle and shorter nose that has been designed to open up the soil to create drainage fissuring without mixing the whole soil profile.