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Weaving Machinery is showcasing its new mounted GD Disc Drill at this year's Groundswell event. Mounted GD Disc Drill makes Groundswell debut

Weaving Machinery is showcasing its new mounted GD Disc Drill at this year’s Groundswell event.

Available now, it is aimed at smaller farmers and those who prefer mounted, compact machines rather than larger trailed drills.

A host of new features includes a tubular coulter frame and a two-section folding mechanism for easy calibration and emptying of the hopper.


“The mounted GD was brought to the market in 2015 and has proved immensely popular, the new model has taken all of the proven features and refined them to enhance operator experience.” says Weaving Machinery sales director Simon Weaving.

“Every machine at Weaving is built with real farmers in mind. We’re proud to support more robust performance for British farmers, with high-specification machinery that is easy to use and to maintain.”

Available in 3 metre and 4 metre working widths, the new Mounted GD comes complete with an ergonomic 2000L plastic tank, the same as Weaving’s Sabre Drill, for better weight distribution, longevity and through-flow of material.

The tank is fitted with heavy duty steel lids, along with a side door, allowing easy access for maintenance and cleaning. Rear folding steps and two-stage platform give operators ample room whilst filling the hopper.

Coulter system

The mounted machine carries the patented GD coulter system that makes it the lowest disturbance direct drill on the market. This system has also been upgraded to incorporate a gas spring to allow ease of operator set up and is more reliable than the previous hydraulic cylinders.

A new coulter system also offers a more responsive and constant coulter pressure for even better seed placement. Seed distribution is powered by RDS Artemis Lite controls with electric metering. A six-inch hydraulic fan delivers the seed to the coulters.

Controls can be upgraded to Isocan GPS metering, which includes a larger user interface, allows multiple product application and is iSOBUS compatible.